Our Story

About Pohono Apparel


Pohono Apparel was created with a single concept at its core: the love of nature. The idea for Pohono Apparel first came to Ben (the founder) when he was hiking through the beautiful landscapes of Patagonia. He had recently quit his job to pursue his passion for traveling, and during that time he decided he needed to start his own company--a company that reflected meaningful values and promoted an important cause. And so Pohono Apparel was born; a brand committed to supporting environmental conservation. We donate five dollars from every sale to critical Rainforest Trust® conservation projects, which have a significant and measurable impact. Additionally, we are proud to offer high-quality garments made from 100% organic cotton and manufactured using renewable clean energy, to minimize the environmental footprint of our products.

Ben, Pohono Apparel founder, hiking on the Pohono Trail in Yosemite

Key Features

1) Direct Impact

As an official sponsor of Rainforest Trust®, we are able to directly contribute to impactful environmental conservation projects around the world. Every month we highlight a Featured Conservation Project, and donate five dollars from each sale made during that month to the current featured project. Each project has a calculated cost-per-acre for protecting threatened habitat, so customers can know the actual, measurable impact of each purchase.

2) Organic Materials

Cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world's insecticides. These pesticides can have significant negative effects on the environment, including decreased biodiversity and shifting equilibrium of ecosystems. We recognize that the global production of cotton has negative consequences on our planet, which is why we offer apparel that is made with 100% organic cotton (pesticide free).

3) Sustainable Manufacturing

In addition to being made with organic cotton, our clothing is also manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. Our garments are manufactured solely using renewable clean energy (i.e. solar/wind), which substantially reduces the overall "environmental footprint" of our products.

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